Monday, May 10, 2010

More Stash - In the Trunk

It is not my fault.  After the gift of a shopping spree, I was forced to pitch in for gas money and trek down to Twisted Sisters warehouse for a rare sale.  Forced I tell you.  The stash runs over; the closet is bursting and needs reorganization.  And I was forced to go to the warehouse and purchase skeins and skeins of yarn for ridiculous prices.

The sale was scheduled for 10 - 2.  We arrived, a car load of determination, at 9:33 precisely.  We were not first in line.  Who knew that knitters arrive early for the sale of a life time?  At least there were only two other early souls and we added four more to the line of patience. 

Anna had graciously opened the front door early so that the cooling breeze entered the little show room and flowed into the warehouse.  We peaked in.  Often.  Stuck on the walls were the prices of everything up front.  Simple rule:  Be nice and wait to be escorted through the warehouse where everything was 20% off.  Up front - $1.50 - $10 a skein.  As in per skein!  For Twisted Sisters yarn!  Me thought I had dyed and gone to heaven.

Within seconds, the crowd began to grow and by 9:45, with a smile on her face the words every stash shopper needs to hear were uttered, "Oh, come on in."  I'll spare you a description about the jostling (all very polite, for sure) and cut to the chase.

There was a line to check out.  We were mostly nice about it.  I do confess that there was some pawing into the holdings of others.  Lots of amazement at what one did not see inside, but suddenly had a desire to own whilst waiting to pay.

What is it about yarn-aholics that we can say "no thank you" until we see someone else has succumbed?  Then the addiction comes roaring back and we covet - commandment breaking, addictive, coveting of what another has with a passion that leads to downfall.  

It is sad.  This I confess.

Don't freak out.  This lovely stuff belongs to four knitters. 

It is not all mine.  Only one section is mine.  And my stash enhancing addiction is still hiding the the trunk of my car until it can squeeze into a space not meant to hold so much.   Yep, it is still in the trunk.  I call it the cooling off period.  By the time I bring it into the house, it will be at least four days old - just some old yarn that I found in the trunk.  

Thank you Twisted Sisters!!


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