Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day

There are those who do not understand my current labor.  That's OK.  An artist is difficult to understand, even in her own country.

I have had several past lives, each of which required some version of labor.  First, there was the summer work giving teens and youth a safe, healthy outlet for their energy.  There was the time spent in the contract division of an engineering firm which was followed by my first introduction to the museum world.  Eventually I returned to museums and other nonprofit endeavors which probably explains why I still contribute to those who give to others.  (Have you donated a hat or scarf or blanket recently?)

This weekend has exposed another labor.

Witness the labor of math.  Sweat broke out on my brow.  Breathing was difficult.  Shoulder muscles ached.  Markers were Inserted.  Increases were made.  Yarn Overs were figured out and equally spaced.  Counting occurred.  

In the end, two hundred and ninety whopping six stitches were appropriately placed.  Just what the pattern desired. 

And I did it.  On the first try!

Happy Labor Day to all who labor.

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