Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mixing Stitchery

Combining crochet and knit in a project makes me happy.  Years ago, there was the ribbed skirt with the crochet edging.  I still love that one and wear it every winter.  More recently, the blue afghan was a fun way to connect sections with no seaming (or ends to weave in) at the end.

This weekend, I cast my eye at a left over ball of Noro with the few orphan bits of color from other balls and decided to try a hat that has been twirling through my mind.

 The  band is TSS (Tunision Simple Stitch) worked  to a length that was about three inches longer than needed to go around my head.  TSS makes a lovely chain on the edge which is just perfect for picking up stitches for knitting.  From there, I used my regular hat pattern and let the Noro Silk Garden do its thing.

Finishing was simple.  The  band was crossed over itself and pinned for a perfect fit.  The two buttons are non-functional, but really do add a bit of style and hold the band in place.  One large statement button would work also.  

Making this took one afternoon.  But it will probably take a few weeks of procrastination before I write up the pattern.  In the mean time, this will become my new charity hat pattern for the fall.  

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