Monday, September 22, 2014

Ta Da - With a Virtual Cartwheel For Good Measure

Time to celebrate!

I have named her Green Tea.  The real pattern is Afternoon Tea which can be accessed here.

 The blocking went great.  Well, except for that part where I didn't have enough of the thin flexible  wires and had to pin the last points out individually which was a pain.  But I did it.

Can you see why she is named Green Tea?  The fabulous color morph of Freia Handpaint ends with picot points of green dripping from the tea shawl. 

It is hard to stop admiring the finished work and I keep patting my self on the back for sticking with it and conquering this whole lace thing.  Just picture it - - me doing a celebratory cartwheel and dancing in the end zone.


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