Monday, September 15, 2014

It Is True

What they say is true.  The third time is the charm.

Let me confess right here, in front of everyone, that it took four carrots, a scoop of bean dip with chips and a fair amount of fresh fruit to accomplish this.  Nibbles and knitting always make me happy.

What you see might look like an out of focus wad of lace, which is what is it in total.  There was no way to get a well lit and well focused photo given the way that my hands were shaking from joy at the magnificent accomplishment.

Please  stare at  the last row - with stitch markers - that has the correct number of stitches and yarn overs to make the next lace pattern work correctly.    The third time is the charm, even if it is midnight when the magic happens and you've over indulged in sort of healthy tasty treats and some of the crumbs have fallen into the lace and counting to eleven becomes a chore and all you want to do is frog the whole thing.  

Hang in there my friends.  It is only sticks and string.