Monday, September 8, 2014

Playing Catch Up (because the laundry is done)

It is hard for even me to believe that this top has been worn so much in the past month that it needed a good washing.  Well, truth be told, it wasn't worn so much as it was "glowed" upon.  August was a hot month and the last thing I need is my fine knittery languishing about in old sweat my personal scent. 

Here is proof that I can wear horizontal stripes!  This particular pattern (#15 available on Ravelry) has adjusted my attitude greatly. 

After much contemplation and studying of these photos and the actual top, it is possible I have figured out why I love these stripes when I eschew all others. 

#1  These stripes are narrow.
#2  The texture change between garter & stockinette is fun to admire.
#3  The color flow of dark through light play tricks with what the eye beholds.
#4  The vertical stripes add length and a "narrowness" to the sides which also fools the eye.
#5  I freaking love Noro!

At first there was much fretting about the little short-row cap sleeves.  Not the actual short row making - that never bothers me.  I was worried about bunching up under the arm.  There is a little bit, but no so much that it looks weird or anything.

I am so in love with this style on my body that my mind has been straying to color choices for another version. 

Straying a lot. 

Straying often.

I will finish other projects, I will finish other projects, I will finish other projects, I will fini..............

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