Thursday, September 18, 2014

When Not Knitting Lace

Call it boredom or time out or TV knitting or public knitting or whatever you want, but most yarn workers will have more than one project going at a time.  When the lace got me down for a little bit, I moved on to bigger things.

This is a big yarn/big needle shawl.  And when I say big needle, I mean a #19 knitting instrument that is a whopping 15 mm.  The thing barely fits in my delicate southern hands!  That is not the point.  The point is that with big yarn and big needles one can produce a holey shawl in just a few hours which is a totally different thing than using itty bitty yarn and smallish needles to produce a holey shawl in hours and hours and days and days. 

And when that itty bitty lace got me down a second time, I made this.

Yep, another brown fuzzy shawl for the shoulders.  This one has fake fur orbs dancing across the front.  I can't decide if it is artistic chic or just plain tacky.  But I love it and it took no time at all to make this size.  By the way, this was on size 13 needles which are not nearly as large as the tree branches that are used to make the #19 needles.

Both of these go very well with jeans and just might become my grocery shopping neckwear for when I need to access the frozen food case and feel like I've stepped into the Antarctic winter. 

That's it folks.  Back to the lace I go.

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