Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Subtle Texture

Mindless knitting is still on my mind.  Life is at a stage where thinking about stitches interferes with what I should be thinking about.  My fingers still need to move and a project that could span a few weeks seemed to be just the thing.

And so, a new blanket hit the needles.  Alternating blocks of Stockinette and Reverse Stockinette supply the texture.  The outer band of seed stitch supplies the non-curling edges. 

At this point all that I need to think about  is a few seed stitches followed by eight knits and eight purls then another few seed stitches.  That is it.  Well, there is the pesky alternating every ten rows which so far is not a problem.  Perhaps the best part of this basic work is that it is easy to stop at any point and pick up again after a multitude of decisions are made.

I'm not sure how large it will be.  The plan is to keep going until the yarn runs out.  It might be a lap blanket, baby blanket or television watching blanket. 

Oh, give me stash
Lots of stash
Under hidden piles somewhere
Don't squelch my joy!

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