Thursday, June 21, 2012

Funny or Sad?

Picture yourself sitting at Monday night knitting, waiting for everyone to arrive.  Arriving folks are laden with bags stuffed with the project(s) du jour, the success stories and - just to make it interesting and ripe for a few laughs - the what the bejeezus happened to it UFO.  The successes of other knitters is worthy of mention. 

Absolutely worthy. 

But not as much fun as something that is  really sad/funny in that what the bejeezus happened to it way that causes snorts of laughter and belly busting guffaws.

"Now what do I do?"  That is all it took for a table filled with goofball knitters to get the giggles and snide remarks going.

If you know your garment construction rules, it will be obvious to you that this sleeve is not remotely going to stretch enough to fit the depth of this gigantic armhole.  Or, to put it another way, there is no way the armhole is going to ease (gather?) enough to accommodate the normal size sleeve.  The photo doesn't do justice to the actual knitting.  Suffice it to say that said opening stops just shy of the intended's waist. 

My suggestion was not met with delight.  I suggested that the knitter should just make the garment sleeveless, wear it over a white tank top, sans bra and add Birkenstocks and lovely hand knit socks to complete the ensemble. 

There was laughter. 

Then there were serious suggestions that did not involve frogging half a sweater.  There was shared misery.   After all, who hasn't been faced with such "oddities" of yarn?   All in all - - - a normal Monday knit night. 

And that is probably the real reason that I love what I do.

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