Friday, June 1, 2012

Slim Pickings

There is so little to report on this first of June that the camera did not even make an appearance. 

  • The colorful top down is complete.  No photo because I've decided that the "hot orange" stripe in the Noro is just not my thing.  To be sure others are still trying to convince me that I'm wrong.  They are using words such as vibrant coral and flamingo and (the ever dreadful) that's what is in the stores now!  Their words have moved me a little.  I hung the thing in the closet and will keep it for a while.
  • The cotton Multnomah is quite the hit in my favorite LYS.  Several other knitters are making it and each color way looks stunning.  I just might have to pull mine from display and bring it home for a good wearing.  Of course, so many folks have tossed it about their necks, that the thing will need a good wash soon.  It has turned into a very popular shop sample.  And that makes me happy.
  • I had set myself a personal goal to finish all of the UFOs.  Only one more to go and this yarnaholic will have met that goal.  Perhaps there will be a photo when this last little blanket comes off the hook.  
  • Wait a minute!  I can't be done.  There is still yarn in the stash.  Clearly I must get cracking and cast on like a mad woman or y'all will think me a slacker. 

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