Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Market Style

Have you joined the bandwagon that is the stylish market bag?  Do you walk the Farmer's Market with a multi - use shopping tote?  Are you ready for the demise of the plastic bag? 

Enter Ilene.  Ilene is an extremely stretchy market bag designed by Hannah Ingalls.   When I finished the pattern instructed depth of the bag I was convinced there was no way this little eight inches would ever function for a trip to the heirloom tomato vendor.   (No, that isn't an heirloom in the photo)  It made me happy to discover that the simple lace mesh design really stretches - - to the extreme!

The strap is nice and wide.  This is really a benefit.  As the bag is filled with goodies, it gets heavy.  That wide strap helps to distribute the weight and it does not dig into the shoulder like narrower straps are want to do.

I am so thrilled with the quick and easy result that I foresee making several more.  Linen, cotton, blends - all in my sights.  Anything that is strong and can be washed should make a fine Ilene bag.

Kudos to Hannah for providing a perfectly written pattern for a totally functional item and giving the design away as a free download.  That's right.  FREE.  Hop on over to her Ravelry page or blog and download.  It would be nice is you leave her a thank you note.

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