Thursday, July 5, 2012

(re)Discovery of Truth

Years ago, in a non yarn phase of life, I focused on embroidery.  My mother was somewhat skilled at needlepoint.  Unfortunately I did not inherit that skill.  But I was skilled at french knots, satin stitch, chain stitches and the like.   I first learned to  cross-stitch as a very little child.  Left over bits of gingham, caught tight in a hoop was my first canvas.  I loved learning to fill the squares with little X marks.  Beginning with those first humble childish efforts, thread, fabric, yarn and embellishments have always been a part of my sanity. 

Some years have been more sane than others.  Just ask my family if you need confirmation.  The last two weeks have been borderline.  These weeks have given me an opportunity to unearth forgotten bits of past efforts.   Luckily, this gem was unearthed and tipped the emotional scale back toward healthy happy sanity.

It is important for you to understand that this is not a twenty year old UFO. 

This  is an artistic statement of truth. 

This is the embodiment of my sense of humor.

This is sometimes an excuse.

This is often reality.

 PS - This week, I could use a Friday.

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