Monday, June 18, 2012

A Little Bit Jealous

The world has just finished celebrating World Wide Knit In Public Day which actually takes place over a whole week.  Stretching out the merriment allows many options of day and time for groups to gather and share the skill that is knitting - or crocheting or spinning or weaving or dyeing or...well, you get the point.

There were two WWKIP events in Riverside.  The first was held in a local mall environment and thanks to the great management at the Galleria, the knitters were center stage in center court.  Unfortunately I could not attend, but the guild put up a display, yarn and needles were donated and introduction to knitting took place.

I did attend the second WWKIP day on Saturday.  We gathered at an outdoor shopping center and did our thing for over three hours.  Kudos to the center and local merchants

The attendance was a mix of guild members and customers of our two local yarn stores.  Knitting With Sandra and Designer Hand Knits both had goodies for the attendees.  Riverside is a friendly place and both owners, Sandra and Nancy, could be seen chatting about yarns, patterns, the retail business and shared customers.  Those two can be living proof that  coopetition is more than just game theory.

There was more than just knitting and crocheting action.  Many attendees were dressed in their finery - and thus the reason for the title of this post. 

This gorgeous blue is perfectly executed, perfectly blocked and ideal for a summer day.
 Check out this cotton sweater.  Every "block" was different.  A study in stitchery highlighted by mismatched sleeves.  Cool!
 Hot, Hot, Hot.  Love the bind off.
And lest we forget that winter is just six months away, look at the color work on these sleeves.  Impressive.

Yep.  I'm a little bit jealous of all the talent.

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