Thursday, April 19, 2012

Seams Like Fun

From the far reaches of the stash closet, set way back underneath the new patterns that were not yet filed, emerged this:
I'd almost forgotten about it.  Perhaps you recall my confession about the yarn content.  But that was days gone by and now my pride in the accomplishment of sewing together two rectangles is giving me that glow of accomplishment.  
I just love the way that garter stitchery lines up in very neat little ridges and begs to be seamed into submission.  Of course, remembering to slip the edge stitches makes the seaming fly twice as fast as when one forgets that mega knitting tip.

Tools were located, ridges counted and the task is done.  I'm still thinking about making this longer by introducing an edging.  I found brown silk/soy in the same area of the stash and have been playing around with what could happen if I added it on.  But for now, my seaming tools are at rest. 

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