Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Two Hits And A Miss

Hit #1  
The summer Open Front Cardi is ready for a little 3-needle bind off at the shoulders.  This has been a breeze to knit, partly due to the lovely Silky Alpaca Lace.  The yarn never fails and has just enough silk to give that classic sheen to the stitches. 

I must be right on the mark with row gauge.  When I finished decreasing the front edges, it measures the exact length needed with out having to "knit even until..."  So, perhaps this is Hit #1 and #1.5.

Hit #2
The fake side seams are definitely right on the mark.  Here I've adjusted the photo so that you can marvel at the way the centered double decrease makes that lovely raised "seam" to delineate fronts from the back.  The yarn - even held double as this is - is so light that there is no bulk along the line.

This little bit of shaping results in an angled hem line.   The pattern is designed to be no muss, no fuss simplicity.  I'm hoping that it will look casual enough for wearing with jeans and still be right at home with dress slacks on a summer's evening out.

And a Miss
The above seam photo hints at the big miss and here you see a longer length of it.  The pattern begins with a few garter ridges to set the lower edge.  As you might expect, there will also be matching garter ridges around the front/neck and the sleeve caps.

Just look at that roll!  If I didn't know better, I'd think that this is solid stockinette.  We are not amused.  Not one bit.  This mess better come out in the blocking.  If it does not, the whole cardi will become one big miss when the plan was for a huge HIT.

Think happy thoughts.  Think happy thoughts.  Think happy thoughts.

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