Monday, April 30, 2012

Hook, String & A Wing

The good thing about an airplane is that it gets you where you want to be and allows hours (and hours) of yarn time.  Last week provided more than enough time to make a new spa cloth using my favorite no pattern crochet plan. 
All that I need to do is weave in the ends and this one will be complete.  I really like no pattern spa/wash/dish cloths.  The basic premise goes like this:

Find a stitch pattern that has enough texture for the intended final usage.  This one is for the face, so the texture is not overly bumpy like it would be for washing dishes.

Work the foundation chain long enough to be the width you intend plus extra chains for that first turn/stitch.

Enjoy working your stitch pattern until the cloth is the size you want.  For me this is usually a square.  No, I do not count rows.  All I do is eyeball it or use that "fold on the diagonal until the points match and the triangles are the same" technique.

 This is truly my favorite stitch for making these spa cloths.  It is the extremely easy single crochet in front loop, single crochet in back loop method.  Turned on its side, the alternating stitches and rows look like a field all plowed up and ready for planting.

You'll notice that I do a lot of chain stitch frilly stuff around the edges.  It adds a feminine touch and when the whole cloth is wadded up so that the edging is bunched, it does a good job at softly exfoliating the skin. 

I'm glad that travel allowed time to make a new spa cloth.  It is a small enough project to easily be worked in the allotted space on an airplane - which is not much space at all.

At least this one thing is done.  Unfortunately, a few other projects were waiting for me when I returned.  Too bad that the knitting elves and crochet sprites did not visit in my absence.  I might need some help to catch up with what did not get done while I was gone.  Too many WIPs is not a good thing.

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