Monday, April 16, 2012

Bring On Spring

Be thankful to the knitting spirits that you are spared the major error that took place on the cardigan.  After two hits and a miss, there was an opportunity to practice my frogging skills.  Let the record show that I've still got it!  I can frog with the best of them.

However - - I can also score big time!
Just look at the way that the hem line blocked out.  Pat me on the back and declare this work excellent.  You might recall that I was afraid that the hem would be a miss.  But it took a bath and relaxed into a lovely shaped line.

Do take into consideration that the model here is daughter #1 (she who crochets) and thus the sleeve is for moi who prefers a Medium sleeve opening and daughter is quite solidly in the XSmall category.

The cardi looks, excepting for the sleeve opening,  great on her smaller frame and still it fits me.  The shaping of the front  is not very pronounced and the neckline is designed to fit close/high in the back.

I am hoping that this will be just enough to ward off the chill of a breeze whether from the afternoon wind shift or the blast of an air conditioner.   Go ahead and click on the photos.  Look at those stitches.  Two strands of Silky Alpaca Lace worked on a size 8 needle are sheer when held to the light, but still have the warming impact of alpaca.

And don't forget the sheen of the silk.  Just enough is there so that, when needed, this one can go out to dinner as easily as it pauses for a bit of gardening.

You are probably sick of my mentioning it.  But just look at that fake seam.  I still love the way the centered double decrease shapes the hem (with hints of the mitered work it could become), yet allows the entire body to be worked in one fell swoop.  Well, until it is time to separate for the arms.  You know. 

After all, if you aren't happy with your yarn results, why bother?

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