Friday, February 3, 2012

To The Point

In the past few days, three - that is a big THREE - projects came off the needles.  As in finished.  To be sure there is still a bit of blocking to be done, but with the turn in the weather from hot sunshine to cold wind, I have lost all inclination to block a cotton short sleeve pullover.  Today a wool shawl is firmly settled about my shoulders.

Having both a big project and a fast project going at the same time fits my work style best.  So, with all those empty needles hanging about in the stash closet, the work bag and the coffee table, it was time to start several new things.  Without elaboration, I offer for your amusement the following:

Here is the big project.  It is lace, has multiple charts and is worked on a #4 needle.  This one will take quite a while, especially one of the charts.  I just might have to lock myself in a padded room away from people & pets to get through that  upcoming section.

At least the beginning is underway.  Now don't go thinking that this is a huge of size project.  It is big only in that it will take a long time due to the chart work required to give life to this scarf.   My head needs a challenge right now and this is it.

This is the fast project.  A series of right triangles also worked on a #4 needle.  This one will take almost no time at all, even though the pattern asks for eight triangles.  Mindless work.  

I do love geometry applied to yarn and this one fits the bill perfectly.  It can be knitted on in public whilst carrying on a conversation and very little can go awry.  My head needs a break from the challenge of the lace. (see big project above)

The real point here is that I have more than one #4 Addi lace point.  I love these needles and use them even when not working lace.  Needle stash - - ahh!

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