Saturday, February 25, 2012

Finding Inspiration

For the last little while, it has felt as though my muse moseyed on out of my sphere.  Oh, I flipped through magazines, joined the Pinterest boards, cooked mashed cauliflower (a huge hit that shall be repeated) and ate a few cookies too many.   Life was just - plain life.

It turns out that Madame Muse had moseyed on down to Louisiana where I caught up with her.

 A gifted artisan created this porch railing and screen with branches.  It is a thing of beauty that uses hefty tree trunks as the posts and fills in with smaller branches.  Yes, some lucky homeowner gets to enjoy this art every day.

There seems to be a trend toward blue homes.  This more traditional Victorian porch is smack dab in the middle of town. 

As I look at the branches of the crepe myrtle (photo foreground), it appears that perhaps that same smoothness was used in the porch above. 

There is something grand about a tree.  Especially the live oaks of my youth.  Live oaks sprawl above you and invite daydreams.  Or, in this instance, an easy lunch at the Tabasco plant at Avery Island.  Next time you are anywhere near Louisiana, stop by this piece of heaven and relax. 

Yes, trees are indeed grand.  They bear the scars of Mother Nature and keep on growing.  It is imperfect perfection, such as this, to which my muse led me. 

A moment of wonder.

A moment of solitude.

A pause in life - away from life - where peace can be felt.

A moment of wonder.

Struggling to understand how Mama Cat managed to sneak in unseen and birth her babies under the bed in which I slept.

Madame Muse, once again you have led me back to my place.   I am me once again.  Thank you.

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  1. Oooh...a trip to Louisiana! How fun! I'm glad you found your muse!

    Those railings are fun! And, the mashed cauliflower sounds interesting...I'll have to go look for that recipe!