Friday, February 10, 2012

Spreading Wings

The first Wingspan is dry and ready to fly.  

Notes for the next one (which is so close to the cast on action that the yarn is snuggling the needles at this very moment):

*  Eight sections, per the pattern, is enough for my small size
*  More sections, requiring more yardage, will wrap about the neck/shoulder area grandly
*  Four rows across top is sufficient for all
*  Bind off LOOSELY  (never hurts to repeat that advice)
*  For a deeper shawl, simply case on more stitches, or use the sock weight counts for a DK yarn
*  Block triangles into perfect right angle sections or into a curve - Knitters Choice!
*  Make several as your friends will get that "look" in their eye the first time you wear Wingspan

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