Tuesday, February 14, 2012

So Cool Cowl

Finally, the first project from the lace weight of Miss Ebony Rose is completed.  'Tis a cowl.  I am not really a cowl girl - pun intended and humbly offered - but this seemed like the perfect outcome for something that was too wide to be a scarf.

A seam, strategically and appropriately placed so as to turn straight knitting into a circle and voila!  Instant cowl.  Due to the very stretchy nature of the fabric, the bind off was worked so loose as to appear sloppy and then the edges were crocheted together with one chain stitch in between the each garment stitch.  It is loose enough no to impact the final result.

This one is all about the undyed natural color of Miss Ebony Rose's offering and the stitch.  The cowl is converted from the Mysterious Lace Reversible Scarf pattern which is free (as in FREE) from Misti Alpaca and easily found on Ravelry or here at the website.

A simple repetitive stitch with a placement twist on "increase one, decrease one, repeat across"  offers a lovely and quite feminine lace look with out the need for fiddly row counting and chart reading.

HUGE HINT:  don't drop a stitch.  Enough said.

The final size is large enough to double and still slip over my head.  It makes for a very warm neck.  This in spite of the very holey fabric.

And it is large enough to slide down around the shoulders without stretching too much.

Although the cowl is still not my thing, I love the stitch pattern.  And I do have one more hank of Ebony Rose's lace weight so perhaps I'll work up a narrow scarf.  After all, too much of a good thing is sometimes just enough.

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