Monday, February 13, 2012

Soup Shawl

Oh, glorious day!  The thrill of completing a project typically brings about that whole blocking thing.  And this girl has been on a blocking binge lately. 

I might have to name this Soup Shawl.  You know when you've eaten roast three nights in a row and there are still a few good slices left that no one wants to eat?  That makes you stop and think of all those who have food security issues and so you chop up the left over roast and the last potato and look for a few carrots or turnips or anything hidden in the fridge and turn it all into soup.

Well, that is the story of this (yet again) Southbay Shawlette which is now my Soup Shawl.  I thought for sure that the remaining alpaca sport from this project could be something that would look different and not be just the same old thing again.  Now it is the same old shawl I've crocheted several times - but at least it isn't a vest.

The pins came out last night and this morning I awoke to this sight:
the Soup Shawl fits my office chair perfectly!  Gotta love it.

By the way.  There is still yarn left over!  So, after making soup, what is next?

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