Thursday, February 9, 2012

Keep The Knowledge Coming

One thing I truly enjoy about making a personal commitment to joining groups is the education that is freely passed along.  This is especially true amongst those who love fiber.  This week brought a wonderful presentation by the Davies family from A Simpler Time Alpacas & Mill.   You guessed it.  They raise alpacas.

Owing to the location of the meeting, which was smack dab in the middle of a city, none of the creatures made an appearance.  Well, not in the flesh.  But they were there on screen and in spirit.

 There was yarn available for stash building.  You'll note that some of it was dyed.  But much was natural in all the fabulous shades that are alpaca.

Science has never held a great fascination for me, but the easy description that was given concerning microns and softness began to make sense.  Sheep vs. alpaca vs llama vs etc.  I feel a bit more knowledgeable.  Not proficient.  Just able to  to listen with some background and nod at all the right times.

This was a popular table.  Those yarn cakes in the back were put up at the mill from the neck/leg fiber and best used for felting. 

One of the hot items available was a bit too much of an oxymoron to tempt me.  But others swarmed the display and were stockpiling grandchild gifts! 

What was the hit of the day? 

What really caused yarnies to part with a pence or two?

Paca Bears. 

These were the last few available for adoption. 

If you are ever down near El Cajon - or just want a wonderful weekend trek, go visit A Simpler Time.  Give the Davies family a holler (check the website link above for contact info) and enjoy a day of learning, loving and enjoying the sweetness of alpaca. 

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