Monday, January 30, 2012

Almost Too Short - Or Just Long Enough?

It was eighty degrees here last week.  That is nigh on to summer and a good thing that the new cotton is almost completed.  A bit of weaving of ends and a good soak to hopefully remove the hard evidence of row gauge shift from flat to in the round and I'll be looking good.  

The sleeves decided to go against my plan.  These are not 3/4 length.  That was just going to look odd and out of proportion.  So, a very fast thirty-five rounds and one repeat of the slip stitch garter work from the hem and voila!  Task completed.

For these sleeves, I tried something new.  New for me, that is.  Typically I enjoy working sleeves on two circs - ala socks.    Click on this photo to enlarge and take a look at this short 12" wonder of a circular needle.

It took some time to get the hang of the thing.  Especially with this "no stretch" cotton.  The bent angle of the needles is vital to being able to work such a tight space.   After working both sleeves, I am fairly OK with the knit part.  For some reason I really struggled with the purl bind off.  

The final decision is still up in the air on using such a short circumference.   Since I own the little bugger, it will be used again.   When next it holds stitches, it will probably be a nice stretchy and bouncy wool. 


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