Monday, January 2, 2012

Wrapping Along

The tulip panels are all done.  The whole wrap is completed.  Even the ends have been woven with care.  There is absolutely nothing wrong that a good blocking could not solve.  

All in all, this was a quick crochet.  But that is probably owing to the fact that it is holiday season with lots of time devoted to staying close to friends and family and college football.  There were a few days when I worked a lot - meaning that I think I have crochet shoulder.  Does that malady even exist?

This Lapis Wrap, which is not lapis but closer to garnet/ruby, is crocheted in a swing style.  The one piece construction means that after ends are secured it is finished.  Gotta love the no sewing.

Click on the photo and check out those tulip panels.  The four row pattern is very easy and could transfer into many other projects.  But the star is definitely the collar.  Well, it is a collar on the back and just extends down the front as luscious lapels.

Beautiful design work.   And my execution is not shabby.  The puffy work for the collar panel is easy to memorize - one row at a time.  But this is not beginner stitching.  Some experience in the intermediate or advanced levels will help things along.

I found it fascinating that the eight rows of the collar are so much wider than eight rows of double crochet.  That is the way that lace goes.  Once blocked, the scalloped edge will really stand out.
Please understand that this is not a fitted vest.  It is a loose and swingy wrap (with armholes) that flows according to the whim of the yarn.

Speaking of which:

Frog Tree sport alpaca - eight balls
Pattern specifies using a 'H' hook
Lenora is a bit loosey goosey and had to work with a 'G'

PS - clearly, I am not the model.  Thanks to Sarah for so willingly posing in the winter sunshine. 

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