Thursday, January 5, 2012

To The Swift. . .

Many a race does indeed go to the swift.  Many a yarnaholic is in a race, swiftly, to use up the stash thereby making space for the new.  I am that person.

To the swift go I.

Plymouth Fantasy Naturale is an aran yarn of 100% mercerized cotton.

How could I have forgotten it was safely stored in the dark under layers of the stash?  Well, given that Mother Nature thinks it is summer in this southland, cotton is about the only thing that is comfortable this week.  This is just a tad over 1200 yards.   When purchasing (whenever that was) I had the foresight to acquire both the jade and enough contrasting yardage to allow a lot of flexibility in the project selection. 

After standing at the swift and winding though all the hanks, this stuff has decided to be a nice comfy loose summer tee.  Raglan sleeves will help in the comfort department so I'm planning a basic, no frills top down so that the finishing is minimized.

Sure do hope that the making goes swiftly.

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