Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Theme On!

Never let it be said that I don't carry a theme beyond its logical conclusion.  The slipped stitch hem is so lovely, if I do say so myself, that incorporating that reverse stockinette contrast elsewhere required no brain power at all.

And - somewhat with respect to the original pattern that must be hiding around her somewhere - this is a rolled edge. 

A very short six rows of stockinette around the v-neck just happen to roll into a reverse stockinette neckline that matches perfectly with the hem theme.  Adding in this contrast yarn in a very casual style has turned the raglan pullover into a casual top.  That is exactly what my goal was from the beginning.  A casual, wear anytime, Springtime cotton pullover.   I must admit, that when the whole thing was very solid jade, it had a tendency to want to go dressy.  It was begging for a leather flower embellishment or a bit a sparkle filling up the neckline.

As you can see, sleeves are still required.  I'm thinking that you can easily figure out how I might be planning to edge the sleeves.  Only issue left on the design table is the sleeve length.   I'm leaning toward 3/4 length, but given that this top has changed directions several times during the making, the old knitting muse might have a swift turn to make before blocking occurs.

And speaking of blocking, do you notice the extreme change in row gauge when I moved from back & forth to in the round (after the v-neck join)?  It is almost as stark in person as in the photos.  [insert huge sigh here]

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