Thursday, January 26, 2012

Again? Why Not?

Four days away from the needles, due to a wonderful working committee experience,  and I was itching to return home and dig in the bag to complete the cotton pullover.  Alas and alack - no such luck.

What greeted me was the realization that I had agreed (aka -  offered in a moment of weakness that was manipulated by a sly and sneaky personage who shall remain nameless) to frog a Dragon Scarf that was one third complete and re-knit the whole thing.  This would be my third Dragon Scarf and suddenly there was much fretting that I was tired of the repetition of the thing.

Adding a bead to each tip along the tail is not an issue.   Honestly, it is fun to look forward to that little bit of celebration at the end of each section.  Each small accomplishment (the bead followed by a few bind off stitches) builds to the final big accomplishment of handing this back to that sneaky personage who shall remain nameless.

It did not take much to re-knit this scarf.  Working with linen is no bother.  Doing this one again means I don't even need to consult the pattern - it is that repetitious and predictable.  Already the thing could be ready to bind off.   There are still plenty of beads remaining and enough linen for several more repeats. 

And owing to the height of "she who..."  it is appropriate to add length.  So, I shall.

I shall do this again even though my feet keep kicking the four projects of my own that languish under the table whilst I make a dragon tail again.  Why not - it is for a dear friend.  And she has offered to drive me to a new yarn store today.   Me thinks she is driving so that I can finish her scarf.  Did I happen to mention that she is a sly and sneaky personage?

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