Saturday, December 10, 2011

I've Got A Dragon By The Tail

Looky here!  A dragon's tail made from linen and beads.  Yippie.   Each little point along the top spine has one bead at the tip.  And then the long straight edge has beads added in during the bind off.   

Now, I readily admit that taken from this overhead view it does not look like much.  And I could have taken more care and placed the lower curve just so.   Given my poor photo skills, perhaps this next view will be more pleasing.  Just look at the scarf and ignore the model.


A few notes for those who might score the pattern and consider grabbing this dragon by the tail.

I added two extra points to give more wrapping length.

The last four points were expanded to ten rows rather than the eight row repeat of the pattern directions

This linen went through the dryer in two separate fifteen minute cycles:  wet, dryer, lay out points, finish drying whilst flat.  Repeat.

And then it still was not wanting to begin to soften up. 

So. . . . 

Tossed it in the dryer with NO HEAT for 45 minutes and beat the softness into it.  

That did the trick as now it feels worn.  Not as comfortable as it will be with time, but soft enough to drape well.

Did I already say Yippie? 

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