Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Slipping For Effect

What follows is a review of playing around with a crochet hook and Trendsetter Bodega fluffery.  
Yours truly with a boa made from Bodega.  This version is created by using said crochet hook to slip stitch along the edge.  Each insertion of the hook was about 3/4 inch apart.  But that varied.  

Precision of stitch placement is not required.  That is important as this yarn makes a great beginner project.

And, might I note that if one does not like the resulting fluff or twist, it is extremely easy to pull out the slip work and start over.  Love that.

This is the same yarn with the slip stitch moved to the center of the yarn.  Again, precision is not required.  I did try very hard to place the hook at a fairly consistent distance from one stitch to the next.  The result is totally different.

More narrow & more twisted this scarf version is well suited to a smaller frame.  It still has that artistic wow, so that is not lost.

Side by side comparison of the two techniques.

On the left is the version with the crochet slip stitches placed along the edge.

On the right is the version with with crochet slip stitches moved to the center.

Check out the close up of each.


The Specifics:  Trendsetter Yarn Bodega in colorway 414 - Mardi Gras.  Surely you sensed that coming.  You had to see this Cajun getting all excited about those colors! 

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