Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Joyous Class

It was with eager anticipation that we showed up for a scarf class.  Nothing fancy was on the agenda, nothing wild and untried was expected.  What was on tap was a group experience of two dozen knitters of all skill levels coming together to start knitting along on a linen scarf.

Yes, linen.  In the winter.  Perhaps linen is not high on the winter fibers if you live in a cold and snowy climate.  However, for three reasons, linen was the perfect choice for this December class.

First, linen is the yarn preferred by the designer.  The scarf pattern is Dragon's Tail Scarf by Jane Tea-Hajosy from Two Sisters and Ewe.  Her suggestion is Louet Euroflax.  Many of us (including moi) took that suggestion and interpreted it with a Claudia Hand Painted colorway.

Second reason why linen is a perfect choice is physical.  While I did not snap a photo of the over crowded tables, one look at the average age and any informed woman would also opt for the coolest possible string to twirl about the neck.  Our aim in life is to reduce heat surges!

The third reason that I am convinced linen is a perfect winter knit is pragmatic.  Even if we get all caught up in holiday celebrations and the new year, surely we will all have this beaded swath completed by spring time.

 During our group knit-a-long class I managed to complete seven points.  Today, armed with a spiced tea I set my self to getting much farther along. 

This scarf is a simple eight row repeat.  Once you go through the increase, bead, bind off series a few times, it becomes very zen and repetitive.

This is color is Ocean Depth and filled with undulating greens and purples.  This hank has been front and center in the stash because I love the shades so very much.

Each point - as in the blades of a dragon tail - has one bead.  Then, when it is time to bind off, more beads are added.  The final result will be asymmetrical.  The neck edge is filled with increases so that it will wrap around the neck and let the beaded points be the focus.

One pot of tea and much progress later, the scarf is already half way completed.  Now the real time sink begins because each row get progressively longer.  In looking at my personal calendar, there should be time enough available to have this one completed by the end of the weekend. 

So, what is the moral to the story?  When you work your tail off getting all the gifts knitted and shipped by December 7th, you can work on a new tail (scarf) for yourself.

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