Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fluff 'N Stuff

Happy Fluffy Day!  Finally a fresh shipment of Katia Triana Lux arrived down at my go to source for string.   Weeks ago I scored a ball of the grey/blackish/ecrulike stuff for moi.  And it is a hit every time I wear it now that sparkle season has arrived.

Unfortunately, that  colorway was not in this latest shipment and I was forced to choose new festive shades for gifting.  The deep dark blue (there in the background) really dresses up an old pair of jeans.  The golden swath is right in tune with this December holiday season.

And, it turns out, the gold also looks fabulous with jeans and makes an evening at home into a very special occasion.

The folks that I know are all knitting this specialty yarn.  It took a while, but I did figure out how best to turn it into a neck fluff with a crochet hook.  The final effect is not the same as when knit, but it does work and holds up well.

Here is the method that worked best.  It is based on Tunisian Simple Stitch if you get lost.

Fold in the end as for knitting and pick up four "stitches" on the hook.

YO and pull through two "stitches"

Repeat back until there is only one stitch (loop) on the hook.

Pick up three new "stitches" on the hook (for a total of four) and repeat the YO, pull through two process.

Need a better explanation?  Leave a comment and I'll be working on a better description to send out.

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