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Maggie Mae - a free pattern for you

Maggie Mae
Lenora François Stewart
François Stewart DesignsTM
Maggie Mae is a simple sleeveless pullover with a deep neckline.   The top is worked in one piece beginning at the arm opening and continuing across the front then around the back and ending with a simple kitchener stitch join.  Short shoulder seams complete the construction.  Neck edge and arm openings are finished with reverse single crochet.  

NOTICE:  Pattern fit is easily adjustable.  To add to circumference you may add two rows of stockinette under each arm, add two rows of seed stitch to each front side or/and add and even number of seed stitch rows to the back.  For every four rows added, the blocked width is increased by 1 inch.

Size:  S (M, L)
Chest:   32” (34”, 37”) pattern is sized for a close fit and to accommodate stretch inherent in cotton garments. 
Length:  20.5 (20.5, 23)  NOTE:  Blocked length is actually determined by your stitch gauge.  Cotton will give.

Yarn:  Noro Taiyo (40% cotton, 30 % silk, 15% wool, 15% nylon, 100 g/ 201m), 3 balls
Needles:  size #10 (6mm) circular, 24”.  Use needle size to get gauge or knit loosely 
Hook:   size I (5.5mm) crochet hook
Notions: tapestry needle, stitch marker, waste yarn (used for provisional cast on)
Gauge:  16 sts = 4” (10 cm) Because the entire top is worked side to side, this gauge does not indicate the final length of the garment.  The cotton content of the suggested yarn, the weight and the downward pull all combine to make the final length after blocking approximately 20.5 – 23 “

CO 32 (32, 36) stitches plus provisional CO 41 (41, 45) additional stitches. 73(73, 81) TOTAL stitches cast on.  If using a different yarn, increase the provisional CO stitches based upon your gauge.

Front Side
WS  Seed Stitch
RS  Seed Stitch  (place stitch marker to indicate right side)
Repeat Seed Stitch as established for 4.5” (5”, 5.5”)
End on WS row

Begin Neck Shaping
RS  BO 3 stitches at beginning (neck edge) and continue in seed stitch
WS  Seed stitch
Repeat these two rows 9 more times (Total of 30 stitches bound off)

RS  CO 3 stitches then work RS row in seed stitch.  Be careful to work the 3 new cast on stitches in pattern!
WS  Seed Stitch
Repeat these two rows 9 more times (total of 30 stitches cast on = 73 ((73,81)) total stitches)

Front Side
Working on stitches as established, continue in seed stitch until this side measures 4.5” (5”, 5.5”).  Measure from beginning of 73 (73, 81) stitches after completing neck.

Arm Hole
RS  Loosely BO 32 (32, 36) stitches, k across remaining 41 (41, 45)
WS  p 41 (41, 45)
RS  k 41 (41, 45)
WS  p 41 (41, 45)
RS k 41 (41, 45))
Large Size Only work four more rows: 
WS    p 45
RS    k 45
WS    p 45
RS    k 45

WS  seed stitch across 41 (41, 45) stitches
RS  CO 32 (32, 36) stitches then work entire row in seed stitch pattern  73 (73, 81) stitches after completing cast on
Continue in seed stitch for 15 (16, 17) inches ending with a WS row
RS   BO 32 (32, 36)  stitches, k across remaining 41 (41, 45)
WS  p 41 (41, 45)
RS  k 41 (41, 45)
WS  p 41 (41, 45)

Large Size Only work four more rows: 
RS    p 45
WS    k 45
RS    p 45
WS    k 45

Remove provisional cast on and return stitches to other end of circular needles (or use a spare needle)
Graft (kitchener stitch) 41 (41, 45) stitches together.

Sew shoulders
Weave in all ends
Beginning at right shoulder seam, work reverse single crochet around entire neck edge.
Work reverse single crochet around arm holes.

©2010 François Stewart Designs, Lenora François Stewart
All rights reserved
This pattern is for your personal, non-commercial use only.
You are not allowed to make garments from this pattern for sale anywhere.
You are not allowed to mass produce this pattern or garments made from this pattern.

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