Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Coffee Olé

 The sweet aromatic smell of success.  Oh yes, the coffee dyeing experiment was indeed a success.   Just look at that color!  Not exactly a pure coffee shade because there is still the coral undertone.

But this is my very own shade of yarn.  No one else in the whole world will ever have this exact little scarf.    Giddy.  That's what I am.  Giddy.
 Lest we forget, here is the original coral scarf from the Seaweed Scarf pattern that can be had via this Ravelry link.  Look at the color change!  Think about this photo the next time you spill coffee upon your self.    

I still love the pattern.  It is a very quick knit and does not take too much yardage.  This is definitely all about the edge and that flirty ruffling impact. 

As you can see,  size adjustment did occur so that Coffee Olé is larger than the first version.  It could be even bigger, but the result would then move way past scarfness and into shawlness.  It is a tricky bit of verbiage - the difference between scarf and shawl.  At what size, exactly, does the line move from one to the other?  Do I care?

All that I really care about at this point is the success of the great dunk on coffee experiment and that the combination odor of wet wool and coffee has wafted away and does not engulf me whilst wearing Coffee Olé!

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  1. That last photo reminds me of a cuttlefish swimming by... very sweet