Monday, November 22, 2010

Time For A Coffee Break

 That coral yarn from the seaweed scarf showed up again.  Three skeins of the stuff is a lot!  

Not feeling like a making a copy cat anything, The remainder (well, most of the remainder of the skeins) was quickly knit up with the intent of over dyeing the result so that it did not look like I was simply using up the leftover yarn.

A few trial runs occurred.  Do you remember that phase of tea dyeing everything including the kitchen curtains?  That was prime plan #1 and it almost worked.  Unfortunately, no matter how strong the brew of black tea nor how long the soak, the result was not what I had in mind.

So, trial via plan #2 commenced and was pleasing in its result.

 Coffee was brewed.  Nice strong Community Coffee.    A lot of coffee was required.

I drank the dregs of the second pot - just to calm my nerves for what was about to happen.

Dunk on Coffee.  That's right.  The coral swath was dunked on coffee.  
Total soak time was in the neighborhood of fifteen minutes - give or take.  I didn't really time this because I was busy and figured that something would come out in the wash, so extra color could not hurt.

There was cooking involved.  Do please notice that the lovely Cornflower pots from thirty-five years ago remain quite serviceable.  This is, however, the first time that this large one had coffee in it - unless you count the great chili experiment, which is great story that has no yarn in it.

Here is a lovely look at the pause to check the  color change.  

One major caution:
Do not attempt dyeing with coffee unless you really love the combination smell of coffee and wet wool wafting about the premises.  The faint might be sensitive.

All in all, this was a grand and successful coffee break.  The result will post soon.

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