Friday, November 19, 2010


There are times, where blingness is just right.

 Plain neckline - not plain closure.

Here is the asymmetrical cardigan finally and totally completed.  Things that make me happy about this one:

  • The strong line of the decreases in the neck shaping.  Because the edging is crocheted around once the pieces parts are sewn together, I decided to work the decreases two stitches in from the edge.  It makes for a nice detail that is visible, but not the star.
  • The crochet edging.  Just a bit of girly on what is otherwise workhorse Plain Jane stockinette
  • Blingness!  Oh, sure - Plain Jane, non starring role decreases, a bit of girly - all players in the final piece.  But the bling of a big honking safety pin type closure encrusted with fake sparkles is delightful.
  • Bling!  Discovered forgotten in the drawer of unused pieces.  Everything not tossed out is ripe for the recycling.
  • Sleeves that are too long.  Now you are wondering why I'd like sleeves that are too long; and I am going to tell you.
  • This cardigan is winging away to its rightful owner who is endowed with height and length of arm.  Those extra inches of floppiness on me will be perfection on her.

You know what?  There is something totally awesome about this ability to custom fit to the individual.  To spark up plain stitches with Blingness.  Maybe I'll stick with the yarn thing a bit longer.

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