Sunday, November 7, 2010

Zing Vest

If I ever write the pattern, someone please remind me to adjust the size of the right front rectangle.  It should be slightly wider.  And naturally, additional sizes would need that whole calculator action.    All in all, the putting together of three rectangles has pleased me.

The front is composed of two rectangles.  The left side is knit of a striping yarn with simple garter edges.  Here the yarn is on display rather than any fancy stitchery.

The right front (a tad too small) is knit with a circular pattern of two yarns that coordinate with the main yarn.  Again garter bands surround the stranded work. 

More about the closure later.

 The back is knit side to side in the same manner as the right front panel but composed of the striping yarn from the left front.   The little surprise is a single pattern at the center back that mimics the right front side.  

And look at the side seams.  No simple mattress stitching here.  
Bands of silver toned circles set in fake pleather connect the fronts and back.   It's a reference to the button and those circles that appear on the right front and center back.

 Here is a better look at the side.  This insert is a trim from the fabric store.  The stuff just jumped up and declared itself the perfect accompaniment to the stranded pattern.  Sometime, kismet is - well - kismet!

This is just enough edgy attitude for me.  In my youth, there would have been more.  But for now it is just enough.  Frankly, it was not difficult at all to hand stitch through the vinyl trim and the wool.  Rather like stitching a zipper into a cardigan.  As always, I used quilting thread.  I like its strength and it slides right through the two different materials.

Oh, yes, the metal circles running down the sides are enough.  Well, except for the fringe that I added to the left front - it being purposely shorter than the right front to make room for this!

This fringe was, in a former life, the bangles on a necklace.  And I am pleased to report that this use of clearance rack costume jewelry is a fun and festive way to add a whole lot of "well, look at that!" to any project.

So, what with the novelty trim looking like silver grommets set into leather and the costume jewelry mimicking onyx and crystal set in silver, this button had to come along for the ride.

That single shining orb hints at the other surprises and all in all was the final touch that makes this vest Zing.

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