Monday, November 1, 2010

Blocked and Bigger

 The blocking of the coral colored Seaweed Scarf is now accomplished.  And, the scarf has indeed grown a bit - it is almost seventeen inches down the spine and will wrap around my neck.

The edging is even more lovely now that it is blocked out.  I am fascinated with the way that this scarf lays so wonderfully around my shoulders, back and front.

I still am thinking that the function can be enhanced if there are more rows of stockinette before the edging is worked.

This size - the pattern specified - would work wonderfully well under a coat or jacket.  But, worn that way, the edge will be hidden.   When worn "on top" I still want some way to lock it in position.  Maybe a shawl pin or strategically placed buttons (for both function and adornment).

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