Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Back To Basics

 The extended holiday weekend brought me back to the basics.  The basics of home decor and practical string work.

Bert needed a new lovey/play cloth.  He is rather protective of this new bright blue cotton.   If you look close, you'll see that his seed supply is covered up for safe keeping.  Sometimes it even becomes necessary to sit on top of the cloth so as to protect the food supply from some unseen seed thief.  

Although it does not show up here, and try as I might Bert would not pose appropriately, the bright blue does bring out the tips of his tail feathers.    He does so enjoy being a color coordinated flight of fashion.
The same simple crochet for Bert became new dish cloths for me.   Clicking on the photo might embiggen it and then you'll notice the texture.  These are just single crochet (sc).  The texture comes from working one sc in the back loop of the row below, the next sc in the front loop of the next stitch and repeat across.  A little bit more textural scrubby than plain single crochet.

All this new practical basic string work took just a few football games.  And - here is the joy of it all - no blocking required!

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