Saturday, November 13, 2010

Getting Done

At least one thing is getting done.  The cardigan is coming together quite well.  

There is something very satisfying about a well done seam.

 Setting in sleeves has never been a bother.  While working the stitches on these, I began to think about why sleeves always sew in easily for me, while yarn friends often utter words unprintable during the activity.

Perhaps it is because I am otherwise experienced.  Meaning, that I learned to set in sleeves while sewing on a pedal Singer machine.  

That's right, pedaling and guiding and turning curves and accomplishing inset sleeves that not only fit but look might fine.  Old school experiences have much value and transfer to all manner of construction projects.  Including yarn rather than fabric.

Sometimes, such as today, the only thing better than a well done seam is two well done sleeves.  

So happy am I over the smoothness that after a break for consuming an autumnal apple and typing these characters, I'll be back at the table to sew up the sides.  

Yarn, football and iFriends.  Life is good.

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