Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Roses To The Rescue

It was clear from the get go that my contribution to the Riverside Knitting Guild Afghan Project would involve Victoria Avenue in the City of Riverside.  When we moved here several years ago, this wonderful swath of glory captured my attention and has not let go.  Not a week goes by that I don't find some reason to travel the beauty that is Victoria Ave.

So it was, with this stretch of cultivated environment signifying Riverside County in my thoughts, that I set out to design my square for the afghan.    The theme of the guild project this year is Celebrating Riverside County.  From orange grove to vineyards, snow capped peaks to snow capped cacti, rivers and deserts, Riverside County is  an extremely diverse area.

Read about Victoria Avenue (link is above) and you will discover why my square is named Ragged Robin - aka Victoria Ave.  Oh, sure I could have created a palm tree square - but my color is pomegranate.   Not Grecian Olive.  And my talents, such as they are, do not extend to knitting an irrigation canal into a twelve inch square.  

But I can knit this.   I am happy.    (as happy as one can be when there is no time for color correction)

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