Thursday, April 22, 2010

Not The Same Old Rib Stitch

Every month, I learn a new knitting stitch or pattern.  It is all part of the Riverside Knitting Guild program for members.  This week, the new stitch is called "traveling rib."

Here it is in all of it's sloppy still on the needles glory.  Not that this photo is the best, but the columns of knit stitches actually widen and narrow - thus it appears as though the columns travel away and come back together.  In this version, we used an eight row sequence. 

All of the new stitches that I learn are going into this sampler scarf.  Or maybe it is a wall hanging.  Only time will tell.  Above and below the rib is a one inch band of linen stitch.  That was our second new stitch and rather than using it as a section of the scarf, I decided to use the linen stitch to separate all the other new stitches I am learning.

The fun thing about this traveling rib is the reverse. 

It looks like little blocks and not at all like the wrong side of anything.    See  how fine it is.  Given my distaste for any scarf that has an obvious wrong side, this traveling rib is great for any item, scarf or otherwise, where the viewing public is likely to catch a glance of the under side.

With beauty such as this, no one will ever know if the view is of the "public side" or the not public wrong side.  Gotta respect that for sure.

You might notice how the underside of those linen stitch areas are also pretty to look at.  This whole stick and string thing always has something new up its sleeve!  Well, at least new to me. 

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