Sunday, April 11, 2010

River's Edge - A Good Yarn

I have been to the river's edge and lived to tell the story.  It all started here and continued with amazement again.   Off and on I visited, I flirted with the flow that is knitted air.  Eventually, the only thing left was the coming together.  Coming together as in sewing air.  Not capturing it within - but somehow holding air together so that it could be seen.  So that I could actually enter the space and be enveloped by the sheer loft of it all.  

Failure.  By me.  Yes, failure.  My fingers could no longer feel the air within.  I could not see the space nor identify its edge.  I put the pieces away with a prayer that after sufficient passage of time, once again my fingers could feel the air and my eyes see the space within and capture it for the wonderment of all.  
Nope.  Did not work.  It was as though I had lost my way.  Clearly I was not down by the riverside.  Unable to view the flow of the yarn and air.  Frustration and some depression followed.  There was only one possible solution.  Bundle the mass together like a gathering storm  and trudge it off to a friend for the finishing.  Bless her, she caught each edge of air and fluff and stitched a mighty fine yarn.  Yes she did.  Thank you, Linda, for rescuing me from the edges of nothingness.

All that was left for me to accomplish was to capture the neckline and define the edges.  And thus, I now wear the air.  I have been to the River's Edge and survived!

riverbed by Tanya Alpert in haiku knits 

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