Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Picot Hem Is Finally Happy

Such a struggle, this designing from a photo.  I am finally moving along with the Rae project.  As they always tell us, third time is the charm.  I struggled with gauge and stitches to make the hem of this wonder.  But, I am finally happy and the yarn is happy.  It is so nice when it all works out.

This.  This right here is happiness.  

See how happily the stitches lay!  Flatness and  the actual blocking is weeks away.  Happy Stitches each and every one.   Even Lucy Neatby would consider these to be happy stitches.  I am not ready to tattoo these on my arm - ala Lucy - but they are might happy stitches.

Might I add, that the lace section is charted and counted and is actually further along than might appear here.  Thus the life line inserted should my master planning going forward not result in happy stitches.

PS - Louisa Harding Kashmir DK in Dark Teal (alas - colorway is discontinued) worked on my trusty #7. 

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  1. Happy picot edging is a beautiful thing.