Thursday, March 4, 2010

Holey Knitting

Suddenly, after all this knitting, I am in love with holes.  My Spring Fling continues to have just enough YO K2Tog as to cause occasional attention.  But not so much that the mind can't wander around and ponder.  The resulting holes are fun - nigh on to flirty.   

Much of what you see here has occurred either waiting for a flight to begin or waiting for a flight to end.   I am in travel mode - six weekends straight of airline dullness.  But it is marvelous for getting a project done!  Perhaps what I love most about knitting holes while traveling is all of the attention said holes conjure up.  
Strangers stop and offer all manner of conversation.  The simple query is "What is it?"  More worldly strangers (or should that be "sophisticated yarn-a-holics) ask from whence came the pattern and fibre.  What amazes me is the number of travelers out there who start a chat with "Oh!  I did that a long time ago."  What does that mean exactly?  Once upon a time you loved making fabric from yarn whilst simultaneously creating a garment that is custom fit to a specific body but now you don't love doing it any more.  Surely not!

Perhaps what these kind souls mean is that once upon a time, they found the time to feel a rhythm - to be one with fiber and to create.  But, life has intervened and now - seeing me knit holes - they are left to fret as to why they no longer give in to the creative muse that is string and stick.  

As for me.  Right now I am happy with making holes to pass the time while traveling.   

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  1. I wonder about that they knitted before but don't could that be?! I like your thoughts on this. I so enjoy reading your posts. The way you put words together is like art! Beautiful!