Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Has Sprung And The Knit Is Done

One month of knitting and traveling and I have the perfect new top for Spring and Summer.  Even better - it fits!

You can find this Spring Fling pattern in the April 2007 issue of Knit 'N Style.  The original is from and with Twisted Sisters.    The pattern is very fun to make.  The result is an open work mesh, thus you will be quite comfy matching the perfect undergarment to your color scheme.  CAUTION:  wearing of garment sans appropriate undergarment in bright sunshine may result in uneven tan spots. 

The sleeve, such as it is, is just a few extra stitches cast on to slightly lengthen the shoulder coverage.   I really like this.  It is not a tank where one feels too young and uncovered.  This can easily be worn in the morning and not break the southern rule.  Well, it is a rule that I grew up with and I am southern.  "A lady never bares her shoulders in the morning."
Here is the total length.  I made the short version as specified in the pattern and, owing to my total shortness, it is the perfect length.  Taller folks might think twice before the sleeve portion.  

The front and back are made exactly the same.  No difference at all meaning that this fling can be grabbed from the drawer and slipped on without any thinking.  Some days, even finding the front of a garment is a pain.

The block hem is left open.   I will admit that worries did plague me.  But it is such a short bit of knitting that it looks and works just fine.  If this were sewn together the open mesh of the body would, in all likelihood, blouse and poof.  Yes, there is poofery in the photo - more related to my contortions trying to suck it in than to any pattern generation. 

All in all - a superb pattern that includes learning opportunities and skill advancement.  Perhaps I'll make another.

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