Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Inserting the Mitered Rectangles

'Tis done!  Yes, the deed is done.  Look at how perfectly the mitered rectangles inset into the neck opening.   There was some trepidation my part.   The old "but I have never done that" feeling was quite prominent during the beginning.

The pattern directs that the first rectangle is the one showing here in the lower right corner.  Then the lower middle is picked up and completed followed by the lower right rectangle.  Having accomplished that successfully, working the matching three rectangles (that appear at the top of this photo) is a cinch.

 And then that old feeling of doubt rises up again.  Will the  rectangles that span the shoulder seam actually fit in correctly?  Is the space is too big for the required stitches?  Why does this seem floppy?   AARRGH!  Gloom, despair and agony on me.   I might have hummed a few bars of that tune.  

A deep breath brought that sense of calm that we all strive for and one thought settled within my brain.  One stitch at a time.   One stitch at a time and it will work out.  Fitting in the side/shoulder rectangles required picking up stitches across the top of the corner rectangle then over the shoulder and across the top of the other corner.  Voila!  That done and miraculously the stitches tightened up and - perhaps most importantly - the stitch count worked out.  
Here is the almost completed neck upon my neck.    Do please notice that in the photo the final edging is not applied.  So there is a bit of work yet to be done.  I am very, very pleased with these mitered rectangles fitting into the neckline.    Having read the next portion of the pattern, I am struck that the finishing dictates that on a particular round to work a k3tog in each corner.  Now, I ask you, will not that put a rounded look to this rectangular hole?  
What's with that? 

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