Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Diagonal Design Is Knit

Guess what?  I can knit diagonal lines!   Perhaps you are not impressed, but I am amazed.  Please know that setting out to knit a garment for another body and having no pattern to follow can cause a million or two moments of stress.  Think about it.  Think about all of the things that must align in order to create a custom garment from thin air.
  1. An idea
  2. A photo or sketch
  3. Knowledge of yarn weights
  4. Knowledge of needle diameter
  5. Basic understanding of something called gauge
  6. Access to research tools such as stitch dictionary or internet access
  7. Willingness to look at other patterns for guidance
  8. Two bottles of merlot
  9. Multiple emails to clarify to goal
  10. Ordering of yarn
  11. Crying over discontinued color
  12. Surfing online yarn stores to find discontinued color of selected yarn somewhere out there
  13. Two bottles of Guinness 
  14. Waiting for yarn to arrive
  15. Blessings offered for shop owners who actually ship quickly - as in mere days!
  16. Gathering of support team who believe that you can actually convert a little bitty gauge swatch into a garment
  17. Offering good karma to Jacquie for her free support of lonely knitters wanting to chart a few stitches of lace
  18. Belief that frogging is part of knitting
  19. Faith to toss out supposed gauge swatch and forge on boldly
  20. Two bottles of pinot grigio and a good lemon
  21. Two hours of uninterrupted peace and quiet
  22. Friendly support team that expresses great pride in your ability to knit diagonal lines
  23. Ability to count - consistently - a lot - without fail
 I did it!  I am doing it!  I can knit diagonal lines that will become the requested tunic.  Yeah for me!

PS - Please don't go thinking that I consumed two bottles of merlot in one sitting.  It took time and help from a loved one.  Please don't go thinking that I consumed two bottles of pinot grigio in one sitting.  It took two loved ones and two weeks - but 'tis done.  As to the two bottles of Guinness. . . burp!

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  1. Please add my name to the support team for amazing diagonal knitting admiration!