Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A World of Fiber Education

There is an entire world of fiber  with which I am not familiar.  Yarns from around the world that could excite me.  Colors that have the potential to complement my preferred color palette.   A happenstance conversation, a brief phone call and suddenly I had the opportunity to fondle and purchase yarns from around the world.   Notice that I am not admitting to increasing the stash.  Oh no - not that.  I increased my knowledge of international fiber arts.   It was purely educational.  That's my story and I am sticking to it.

This is Mosaica by Paolo Scettri.  Italy.  60/40 Wool/Acrylic. 

With the teal running throughout, this color #306 is certainly in my favorite shades.   So what is the education to be had?  What have I learned?  I learned that once upon a time (don't know how old this stuff actually is) my preferred color scheme hit a chord on an international scale proving that I am not always in left field.

And here we have Maya by Novita.  Novita is, based upon hurried research, a local yarn from Finland.  70/30 Alpaca/Highland wool.    Yummy!

This one is definitely a stretch for me.  Never have I been accused of being an 'off white - beige' kind of person.    The educational part on this one is easy - what part of local Finnish yarn did you miss?  

Oh, my!  Talk about not my shade and this comes to mind.  This is Fil Katia Soda made in Spain.  Note the wisps waving proudly and you might be thinking odd combination of cotton, viscose and nylon.  You'd be right. 

This color (the photo on this end monitor is right on) is so far afield that no one in my extended family considers it as us.  Thus I just had to have it.  This is stretching my wings and daring to consider something different.  And isn't that what education is all about?  The new.  The different.  The stretching.  The growing. 

And finally, we have this.   Made in the USA.  So, if I were from Spain or Finland or Italy, this would be an international yarn.   This is slub rayon from Longview Yarns - aka USA Yarns out of North Carolina.

It shines.  It reminds me of my dancing daughters and years of ballet. 

The educational lesson - the past is prologue.  I still see certain shades of muted or pale pinks and think of all those tutus and costumes and that once upon a time the cost of each fouette was calculated down to the dollar.   

Ballet, in case you do not already know, is quite an expensive habit.   By comparison, these yarns are but a mere drop in the family budget bucket. 

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