Thursday, February 25, 2010

Weaving Is Not My Thing

In general, I try to avoid weaving.  It is simply not my strength.  I have no patience for it at all.  

The photo is evidence enough that I speak not about weaving on a loom.  Oh, no.  Nothing so eloquent as that.  Plain old weaving in of ends.  This is about as messy as I ever get simply because I generally avoid color changes in quick succession.  

I finally remembered, on mitered block five of five, that weaving in ends as one is knitting along is a perfectly acceptable activity.
Oh, well.  At least the back of the Spring Fling is almost ready for the mesh portion to begin.  I'll pick up eighty little stitches and be ready to move this baby along.   But for now, this sloppy back side is wiggling it's many little tails at me. 

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